Expansion of Panamericana Highway and Viaduct Construction Kicks-Off in Los Chorros.

Starting this Tuesday, the expansion works of the Pan-American Highway from Las Delicias, Santa Tecla, to the San Juan Opico intersection are officially underway.

This extensive project encompasses the construction of a viaduct in the Los Chorros tourist area, known as the Francisco Morazán viaduct, which is set to become the tallest passageway in the country upon completion.

The initial tasks to be executed involve cleaning and topographical surveying of the area. Excavations will follow in the coming weeks.

Romeo Herrera, the Minister of Public Works, provided insight into the project’s timeline. The entire project is slated for completion in three years, but the responsible company has been urged to expedite the process.

“Today marks the official start of the contractual timeline for the project. If you head to the highway, you can see Ministry of Public Works staff and workers from the construction and supervisory company engaged in topographical and cleaning activities,” Herrera affirmed.

The expansion plan encompasses a total of 8 lanes, four in each direction, which will significantly enhance traffic flow. This development is expected to bring about a welcome improvement in the region’s transportation network.