San Salvador City Hall Inaugurates “Sívar Seguro” Surveillance System.

The municipal government of San Salvador unveiled the cutting-edge “Sívar Seguro” video surveillance system yesterday, aimed at ensuring the safety of residents across six strategic districts of the capital city.

This state-of-the-art security system, with an investment totaling $6.7 million, boasts a network of 500 cameras equipped with advanced features, including facial recognition and license plate reading capabilities.

Mayor Mario Durán proudly announced the project’s key components, including 25 mobile towers standing up to 10 meters tall. These towers are equipped with five digital cameras, capable of capturing images in full 360 degrees. They will be strategically deployed to cover major public events and bustling areas of the city.

A unique feature of the system is its hybrid power supply, utilizing photovoltaic and wind energy sources, combined with a backup electrical plant. This innovation ensures uninterrupted operation even in adverse conditions.

Durán emphasized the collaboration between the municipal government, the National Civil Police (PNC), and the Ministry of National Defense, stating, “We have entered into a cooperation agreement with these agencies to pool our efforts in the fight against crime. Our goal is to complement President Nayib Bukele’s security initiatives under the framework of the Territorial Control Plan.”

The team responsible for monitoring the video surveillance system will maintain constant communication with the Metropolitan Agents Corps (CAM), as well as local law enforcement and military authorities, to promptly report any criminal activities or incidents.

Mayor Durán proudly highlighted the initial successes of the surveillance system, stating, “This video surveillance system has already yielded positive results. We have assisted the Attorney General’s Office and the National Civil Police in several cases of vehicle theft and common criminal activities.”

Furthermore, he announced plans to expand the system’s coverage and increase the number of cameras in the coming months, further strengthening this critical security initiative.

“Sívar Seguro” represents a significant step forward in enhancing the safety and security of San Salvador’s residents and visitors, underlining the commitment of local authorities to creating a safer environment for all.