President Bukele Unveils Phase 6 of Territorial Control Plan, called “Integration”.

President Nayib Bukele, on the occasion of El Salvador’s 202nd Independence Day, has announced the launch of Phase 6 of the “Territorial Control Plan,” aptly named “Integration.” This new phase will focus on the nation’s medium and long-term needs, marking a significant step forward in the country’s development.

During his address, President Bukele also introduced the establishment of the National Integration Directorate, which will be spearheaded by Alejandro Gutman. This initiative aims to foster a more cohesive society by enhancing professional education opportunities while optimizing state resources.

“We are committed to building a more integrated society, offering improved professional training to a wider population while making the most efficient use of our state’s resources,” declared President Bukele.

Furthermore, President Bukele dispelled rumors of the alleged dissolution of INSAFORP (National Institute for Training and Vocational Training), asserting that the institution will undergo a revitalization process with an annual budget allocation of $12 million.

“Our objective is to make the institute more efficient, expanding professional and technical training into new areas of expertise and skills,” stated President Bukele, emphasizing the commitment to broaden the spectrum of vocational and technical education.

In terms of financial allocation, President Bukele disclosed that $30 million will be invested in Phase 6 of the Territorial Control Plan, encompassing the newly formed National Integration Directorate and its associated projects. Additionally, $18 million will be dedicated to further digitizing the education system.

“$30 million will fuel Phase 6 of the Territorial Control Plan, along with the National Integration Directorate and its initiatives. The remaining $18 million will accelerate the digitalization of our educational system,” elucidated President Bukele.

The President also underscored the nation’s remarkable strides in security, proudly asserting El Salvador’s status as the safest country in Latin America. He concluded by highlighting the resurgence of the nation, urging citizens to have faith in their capabilities and embrace the belief that other countries are already doing so.

“El Salvador is experiencing a rebirth, and we should take pride in our accomplishments in such a short span. We must believe in our potential just as other nations already do,” affirmed President Bukele, concluding his address on a note of optimism and national pride.