First Lady Gabriela de Bukele Holds High-Level Meeting at UNICEF.

Gabriela de Bukele, the First Lady of the Republic of El Salvador, convened a high-level meeting with leaders of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement (SUN) at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) headquarters in New York, USA. This meeting marks her second participation in SUN’s high-level discussions, where she shared the progress El Salvador has achieved in nutrition, with a focus on early childhood.

The SUN Movement, supported by 65 countries, is primarily dedicated to enhancing global nutrition and food security. Gabriela de Bukele’s participation in this influential movement is a testament to her leadership, experience, and the remarkable results El Salvador has achieved in the field of nutrition.

Over the past year, the Office of the First Lady Gabriela de Bukele has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at establishing a political and regulatory framework to improve the nutritional health of Salvadoran infants. These initiatives include the “Crecer Juntos” (Growing Together) Act, the “Nacer Con Cariño” (Born with Love) Act, and the “Amor Convertido en Alimento” (Love Turned into Food) Act.

“The First Lady Gabriela de Bukele has demonstrated to other leaders of the @SUN_Movement how El Salvador has optimized its resources to increase investment in nutrition, with a primary focus on early childhood, while aligning both the government and civil society,” Casa Presidencial announced on its social media account.

In fact, El Salvador stands out as one of the few countries in Latin America with a comprehensive Roadmap for Sustainable Food Systems, the result of over 25 dialogues with various sectors of society and the laws, policies, and actions championed by First Lady Gabriela de Bukele.

As a result of these remarkable advancements, SUN Movement Coordinator Afshan Khan, along with a high-level delegation, is set to visit El Salvador at the end of this month. Their visit aims to gain firsthand insights into the positive outcomes resulting from the implementation of the Roadmap for Sustainable Food Systems and the National Food Security and Nutrition Strategy. These experiences may serve as valuable examples for replication in other countries.

Gabriela de Bukele’s commitment to improving nutrition, particularly during the crucial early childhood years, continues to earn recognition both domestically and internationally. El Salvador’s innovative approaches and dedication to this vital cause hold the promise of positively impacting the lives of children and families not only within its borders but also serving as a model for others worldwide.