El Salvador Highlights Coffee Sector Innovations at World Coffee Summit.

El Salvador made a significant mark at the “World Coffee Summit,” organized by the World Coffee Alliance. Ambassador Carmen María Gallardo highlighted the pivotal role of coffee cultivation for the Salvadoran Government.

Ambassador Gallardo spotlighted strategic actions aimed at providing innovative tools and support to Salvadoran coffee farmers. Notable among these is the integration of cutting-edge technology, including data analytics and precision farming, empowering farmers to increase yields and adapt to market shifts.

El Salvador is also championing sustainability, adopting eco-friendly practices like shade-grown coffee and responsible water management.

Collaborations with international organizations and financial institutions are fostering innovation and growth in the Salvadoran coffee industry, offering farmers access to capital, training, and market opportunities.

In summary, El Salvador’s participation in the “World Coffee Summit” underscores its commitment to supporting and innovating its coffee industry, ensuring the prosperity of its coffee growers on both local and global scales.