Bitcoin Makes Its Way into Public Schools in El Salvador.

In celebration of the two-year anniversary of the Bitcoin Law coming into effect, the non-governmental organization (NGO) “Mi Primer Bitcoin” has entered into an understanding agreement with the Ministry of Education (Mined) to educate 150 teachers from public schools about cryptocurrency.

This groundbreaking partnership was initiated on September 7th of this year, marking the beginning of a comprehensive initiative to incorporate Bitcoin into the educational curriculum of over 5,000 public schools by 2024.

According to information shared by the organization, the trained educators will integrate their newfound knowledge into the curriculum and classrooms. The curriculum itself has been meticulously designed by Mi Primer Bitcoin and has been delivered to over 25,000 Salvadorans since 2021, both in virtual and in-person settings.

Mi Primer Bitcoin in Mexico

In an exciting development, over 250 high school students began a Bitcoin diploma program on August 21st at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León in Mexico. This program, designed in El Salvador by Mi Primer Bitcoin, was introduced to students thanks to the efforts of Senator Indira Kempis, a staunch advocate for cryptocurrency adoption in Mexico. She has visited El Salvador multiple times to familiarize herself with the crypto ecosystem.

Senator Kempis introduced the program to students at Santiago’s Preparatory School No. 20 and stated that this marks the “takeoff of learning” about new financial technologies among Mexican youth. She expressed her gratitude to those involved, saying, “We dreamed it, we planned it, and now it’s a reality for a community and its youth. I’m grateful to all those who trust us with this historic opportunity to bring Bitcoin lessons to life.”

The curriculum, as reported by the specialized portal Criptonoticias, comprises 10 chapters, with one delivered each week, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin and the broader world of cryptocurrencies. With these initiatives in El Salvador and Mexico, it’s clear that cryptocurrency education is becoming an integral part of the educational landscape, empowering students and teachers with knowledge about the future of finance.