Coffee Competition in South Korea Promotes El Salvadoran Brew.

In a collaborative effort between our institution, specialty coffee importer Foosung Corporation, and the Embassy of El Salvador in South Korea, the first-ever competition dedicated to El Salvadoran specialty coffee was successfully organized.

The primary objective behind this initiative was to establish a prominent presence for El Salvadoran coffee in South Korea, where the inaugural F.A.B.A competition (Foosung Artisan Brewer Awards) took place.

In the initial round, 64 Korean baristas showcased their skills and craftsmanship, undergoing thorough evaluations by a panel of 12 expert judges. At the conclusion of these evaluations, 16 exceptional baristas emerged as finalists who will now go head-to-head in the ultimate showdown.

Jaime López, the Ambassador of El Salvador in South Korea, emphasized the remarkable versatility of our flagship product and its growing significance in the Korean market.

This achievement is part of our ongoing efforts to boost the recognition of specialty coffee, aligning perfectly with our economic diplomacy strategy. The successful establishment of El Salvadoran coffee in the heart of South Korea is a testament to the quality and appeal of our beloved coffee, making it an integral part of the vibrant coffee culture in this corner of Asia.