Salvadoran Diplomatic Mission in Australia Promotes Salvadoran Coffee at Moonlit Market Event.

As part of the strategies promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to increase coffee bean exports, our diplomatic representation in Australia took part in the Moonlit Market event organized by the University of Canberra with the purpose of promoting culture.

This activity is a renowned multicultural festival that showcases products from different regions of the world through a multicultural gathering, celebrating the diversity of the student community in the city of Canberra.

With this initiative, the aim is to position Salvadoran coffee among young consumers.

During the event, attendees were informed about the brand of Salvadoran Coffee, its high quality, and the details regarding production methods.

Moreover, participants had the opportunity to taste four samples of different varieties of our golden bean from the Santiago Brothers brand: Pacamara Honey, Pacamara Natural, Bourbon, and Caturra Natural.

The event featured the participation of the Minister Counselor and Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Astrid Moreno, and the Counselor, Cristian Figueroa, both representing our Embassy in Australia.

Additionally, more than 500 students attended the event, enjoying a variety of traditional dishes and musical performances from different cultures.

Through these activities, the goal is to boost the consumption of our coffee in international markets, gaining recognition for its high quality.