El Salvador’s Embassy in Qatar Donates Maquilishuat Seeds to Qatari Authorities.

As a gesture of friendship and environmental commitment, the Embassy of El Salvador in Qatar recently presented a generous donation of maquilishuat seeds to authorities in the Asian nation. This significant contribution to Qatar’s “One Million Trees” initiative aims to promote the importance of trees in ecosystems and global efforts to combat climate change.

The symbolic transfer of maquilishuat seeds, the national tree of El Salvador, took place with the participation of El Salvador’s Ambassador to Qatar, Milton Magaña, and several key officials from Qatar’s Department of Public Parks and the Ministry of Municipalities. Among those receiving the seeds were Maysoun Marouf, Azza Abbo, Thaer Fayyad, and Hammam Ayoundi, who play pivotal roles in advancing Qatar’s environmental initiatives.

Ambassador Milton Magaña expressed his delight at El Salvador’s participation in Qatar’s “One Million Trees” initiative, acknowledging the vital role trees play in preserving ecosystems and mitigating the effects of climate change—an issue of global concern that El Salvador is deeply committed to addressing.

Furthermore, Ambassador Magaña highlighted the beauty of El Salvador’s national tree, the maquilishuat, now poised to bloom in the Arabian Gulf, thanks to this initiative. El Salvador joined the “One Million Trees” project in May of the previous year, with the Ministry of Public Works pledging to donate 125,000 trees annually for eight years.

During his official visit to El Salvador, S.E. Ahmad Al-Hammadi, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, participated in a symbolic tree-planting ceremony, underscoring the cooperative spirit and strong bilateral ties that have flourished over the past two decades between the two nations.

As September marks the twentieth anniversary of their bilateral relationship, the donation of maquilishuat seeds serves as a heartfelt gesture of friendship from the Salvadoran people to Qatar, reinforcing the enduring bonds of cooperation and mutual respect between these two nations. This eco-friendly collaboration demonstrates that even across oceans and continents, nations can unite in their commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.