ESIT Launches First Courses in Innovation and Technology School.

The Higher School of Innovation and Technology (ESIT) has embarked on a journey towards fostering continuous education in the field of technology and innovation. On September 1st, they kicked off a series of courses, including Cybersecurity, Networking, Programming, and English, all part of the CISCO Network Academy program.

These initial offerings are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are already 12 other courses well underway, having started in previous months such as May and July of this year.

Additionally, ESIT opened the enrollment period on September 1st for a range of other courses covering international standards for IT governance, cloud management fundamentals with Amazon Web Services, software quality assurance and automation, agile project management methodologies, web development tools, and the basics of cybersecurity. Remarkably, all of these courses are not only comprehensive but also entirely free and accessible online.

For those eager to enhance their skills under the guidance of subject matter experts and prestigious companies, they can visit the website to explore both higher education and continuous learning courses. Here, they can delve into the methodology, objectives, and other course details.

The Secretariat of Innovation is, thus, paving the way for the local workforce to update their knowledge and explore new employment opportunities.

National Development through Education

This comprehensive education initiative aligns with the launch of major innovation projects in the country, such as the commencement of Google’s operations. In this context, Christian Aparicio, the National Director of Higher Education, emphasized the need to further promote technology-focused education at the university level.

“We are undoubtedly on the right path. From Higher Education, we will expedite the training and certification of digital competencies, innovation, technology, software, and artificial intelligence,” stated Aparicio, underscoring the commitment to nurturing a highly skilled workforce ready for the demands of the digital age.