TELUS to Generate 2,000 Jobs in the El Salvador in 2023.

TELUS International, a leading global customer experience and business process outsourcing company, is set to create 1,000 new permanent jobs in the country with the opening of the first four operational floors of its new flagship tower, Emblema, in Antiguo Cuscatlán. This expansion is in line with TELUS’s aggressive growth strategy and its confidence in the potential of El Salvador’s workforce.

Already having generated 1,000 jobs earlier this year, TELUS is planning to add another 1,000 positions in October with the commencement of operations on the initial four floors of the Emblema tower. “The first four productive floors of the new Emblema building will be inaugurated in October or November this year, accommodating over 2,500 job opportunities. We anticipate this number to surge to more than 3,000 within the next three years. This growth is a testament to the confidence we have in El Salvador,” explained José Calderón, Vice President of Operations at TELUS.

Calderón revealed that TELUS’s investment in this first phase of the building has exceeded $5 million, and the total investment in the 15-story tower, set to be completed by 2025, will surpass $10 million. These new positions will complement the 1,000 jobs already created by the company in the country in 2023.

“The expansion of our workforce and investments in the country are part of our consistent year-over-year growth. In 2023, we are projecting an 18% increase compared to 2022,” Calderón stated.

With this trajectory, TELUS anticipates generating an estimated 10,000 job opportunities in the country by the year 2028. Currently, Guatemala and El Salvador host the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations in the region for the company, boasting around 18,000 jobs.

Furthermore, Calderón emphasized that the new jobs will contribute to an extended offering of BPO, call center services, digital solutions, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which have experienced high demand in the past year.

TELUS is already engaged in the realm of AI, employing 20 individuals in El Salvador with projections to expand to 50 by November. Additionally, the company has over 250 individuals working in digital tools development. “El Salvador holds a strategic position for TELUS,” the spokesperson noted.

Emblema will mark TELUS’s fourth building in the country. Calderón clarified that the new job opportunities will not involve the relocation of employees from other areas; rather, they will be new positions generated within the company.

In a time when job creation and economic growth are critical, TELUS’s commitment to El Salvador’s workforce and its investment in cutting-edge technologies reflect its dedication to both local prosperity and global innovation.