El Salvador’s Strategy for Continuous Food Supply Empowers Agriculture.

In a resolute declaration, Óscar Domínguez, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, affirmed that every Salvadoran family’s table would always have sustenance. He reassured that the necessary measures were being implemented to secure food safety in El Salvador.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) remains steadfastly engaged in diverse initiatives aimed at safeguarding food security in El Salvador, with the objective of ensuring that every household in the nation has access to sustenance, as underlined by Deputy Minister Óscar Domínguez.

Domínguez emphasized that through various endeavors, the ministry continues to ensure a steady food supply for the people of El Salvador. He further emphasized their commitment to support local farmers in enhancing the quality and competitiveness of Salvadoran produce.

“Our focus lies in two dimensions: bolstering domestic production, which has witnessed significant growth, and also in responsible commercialization and importation. We shall not face famine, and nourishment will perennially grace every Salvadoran family’s table,” he remarked.

In this regard, Domínguez highlighted the coordinated efforts with food suppliers within the nation to avert scarcity and control potential spikes in the prices of essential grains.

“The ongoing dialogue encompassing all sectors remains integral and continuous. We have provided technical assistance through over 40 extension agencies and collaborated with other departments. Moreover, we are actively promoting the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices,” he elucidated.

“The Comprehensive Agricultural Marketing Law initiative will serve to enhance prices, thereby providing greater profits to our farmers. Fair prices will infuse our farmers with confidence to amplify their productivity. We envision farming as a lucrative endeavor, as it rightfully should be,” he added.

Domínguez also detailed the genesis of the “Agrocenta” initiative, established to counteract external price inflation and speculative practices. “This strategy, implemented through numerous centers, ensures price regulation within proximity. Our regulatory measures are constructive for our farmers, prompting an expansion of our product portfolio. Details regarding the extended range will be revealed shortly,” he promised.

Lastly, the official shared insights about a program aimed at improving animal nutrition within the livestock sector. “We are distributing Cratylia argentea and imparting knowledge about its application. This nutrition supplement closely emulates concentrated feed. Additionally, we are promoting Livestock Genetic Enhancement to elevate national meat and milk production. Our interventions have reached over 50 livestock farms across the nation,” he disclosed.

The dedication of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock underscores its commitment to ensuring food security and bolstering the agricultural sector, ultimately fostering a resilient and prosperous Salvadoran populace.