DOM Commences Reconstruction of Abandoned El Roble School Center.

The long-neglected El Roble School Center, located in the Cantón El Roble region of Ahuachapán, is now receiving a new lease on life as the Municipal Works Directorate kicks off the reconstruction process. Built in 1980, the school center had fallen into disrepair over the years, but thanks to the Presidential initiative “My New School,” a new chapter is beginning for this educational institution.

This past Sunday marked the commencement of the reconstruction project led by the Department of Municipal Works (DOM) to revitalize the El Roble School Center in Ahuachapán, which had suffered from neglect during previous administrations.

The school center is set to undergo a comprehensive makeover, featuring a brand-new electrical system, a school garden, two play areas for early education, a grassy space, and various other amenities.

Mauricio Pineda, the Minister of Education, who participated in the inauguration of the reconstruction works, stated, “The infrastructure we are implementing is top-notch, as it’s the taxpayers’ contributions that we are investing in these schools to ensure equal opportunities.”

The school, originally constructed in 1980, had been left in a state of abandonment by past administrations. It will now boast nine classrooms spanning from early education to the ninth grade, alongside facilities such as a cafeteria, kitchen, and food storage area.

“You are the hope and joy of our country, as education is the path to transforming the reality of El Salvador,” emphasized María Chichilco, the Minister of Local Development.

Additionally, the school center will be furnished with a dining hall and seating area, a medical clinic, a multipurpose hall, a functional sports court, and a civic plaza.

“The President Nayib Bukele is rebuilding a country that has been neglected for over three decades—a task that undoubtedly warms my heart,” exclaimed the Mayor of Ahuachapán.

The reconstruction of the El Roble School Center in Ahuachapán is a pivotal project under the “My New School” Presidential program, reflecting a concerted effort to uplift the nation’s educational facilities and ensure a brighter future for all.