Salvadoran Youths Embrace Educational Opportunities Through Roque Dalton Scholarship Program.

For the first time, Salvadoran youth have the option to pursue studies at any university or higher education institute within El Salvador. This significant opportunity is made possible by the presidential scholarship program, Roque Dalton, a promise fulfilled by President Nayib Bukele.

In recent days, teams from the program have traversed various departments across the nation to disseminate information to young individuals about this scholarship project, which offers access to quality higher education. Some of the locations visited include Santa Bárbara neighborhood in San Carlos, Morazán; La Reina in Chalatenango; La Virgen hamlet in San Cristóbal, Cuscatlán; Atiocoyo hamlet in San Pablo Tacachico, La Libertad; Santa Anita hamlet in San Cristóbal, Cabañas; as well as Alegría in Usulután and Cuisnahuat in Sonsonate, among others.

“The eastern part of the country has long been neglected by past administrations, but now President Nayib Bukele is providing professional study opportunities to many youths through the Roque Dalton scholarship,” the scholarship program announced on social media.

According to reports, dozens of young individuals have expressed interest in this opportunity and have registered to access its benefits. To apply for the scholarships, it is important to have completed high school, attach a request letter explaining the need for a scholarship, complete the application form, undergo testing, and fulfill a socio-economic evaluation.

The recipients will have their higher education expenses covered, including tuition, monthly fees, and any other necessary fees at any chosen institution of higher education in the country. Furthermore, the economic coverage of the scholarships extends to study materials, transportation, accommodation, and other justifiable expenses.

This initiative marks a significant step toward empowering Salvadoran youth with the means to pursue higher education and contribute to the nation’s growth and development. The Roque Dalton scholarship program stands as a beacon of opportunity, fostering a brighter future for the country’s young generation.