Revamped Puerta del Diablo: A New Tourist Haven on the Horizon.

The enchanting allure of El Salvador’s iconic landmark, the Devil’s Door, located in Panchimalco, San Salvador, is soon to beckon both domestic and international tourists, following an extensive revitalization process, as announced by the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez.

With even esteemed publications like National Geographic dedicating space on their official platform to showcase the beauty of this Salvadoran gem, the tourist site has achieved an impressive 90% completion in its revitalization efforts.

“In the coming days or months, we hope to unveil the Devil’s Door, which is already 90% complete and is poised to become one of the most visited sites, much like the Balboa Park situated in the Renderos Plains,” stated the official in a recent television interview.

Furthermore, the minister elucidated that the current administration of the Salvadoran Tourism Institute (ISTU) navigated administrative processes to initiate the comprehensive revival of the destination, which had languished in neglect under previous administrations.

“Let’s recall that when we took over, it was in a state of complete abandonment, compounded by administrative roadblocks due to the lack of proper permits from the Ministries of Environment and Culture. We essentially started from scratch,” explained the head of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur).

She also emphasized that the project’s foundation included meticulous considerations for both environmental sustainability and the preservation of the tourist site. “We’ve put in a lot of hard work, and now we’re eagerly waiting to fulfill this historical obligation for our tourists,” she expressed.

Minister Valdez assured that the Devil’s Door would transform into one of the country’s largest viewpoints, poised to rival the only existing one in the eastern region of the nation. “The population, especially those in the capital, will have a place to admire the landscape and have a unique experience. Our diaspora will also be able to relish this marvelous destination,” she added.

Furthermore, Valdez affirmed that the local entrepreneurs who have diligently worked at the tourist site over the years, particularly those involved in gastronomic ventures, will also be relocated and accommodated.

The Renovation

In previous statements, the president of ISTU, Eny Aguiñada, detailed the renovation of this tourist park, which encompasses the construction of pergolas, kiosks, plazas, green spaces, and accessibility features for individuals with disabilities. The project also includes the installation of cisterns, parking areas, and electrical infrastructure, all of which have been accomplished with a $2 million investment.