Frontier Airlines Reports Soaring Tourism in El Salvador.

Frontier Airlines, which began operations in El Salvador in April 2021, is reaping the rewards of a thriving tourism sector. The airline’s passenger numbers have surged by a remarkable 300%, attributed to improved security conditions and growing confidence in the country’s safety.

The airline is set to amplify its flight frequencies between El Salvador and Atlanta, with plans to increase flights to four times a week from November and daily from January 2024. This expansion aligns with the rising demand for travel to El Salvador, both from tourists and Salvadorans living in the United States.

Alfredo González, International Sales Manager of Frontier Airlines, revealed impressive figures. From January to August this year, the airline transported 9,625 passengers from El Salvador to Atlanta and welcomed 7,995 passengers back, operating weekly flights on Thursdays and Sundays.

Comparing with the same period in 2022, the numbers tell a story of growth. In 2023, Frontier Airlines witnessed a remarkable 300% surge in passengers to Atlanta and a 271% increase in return travelers.

González attributes this growth to both Atlanta’s convenient connections and the newfound confidence in El Salvador’s safety, thanks to President Nayib Bukele’s security initiatives.

“El Salvador’s transformation has been remarkable. President Nayib Bukele’s efforts have changed the perception of the country’s safety, making it a destination of choice. The world now recognizes the safety and the complementary infrastructure, which has put El Salvador on a higher pedestal,” González commented.

The airline’s collaboration with El Salvador’s port and aviation authorities has been pivotal, with González praising the support and investments made to enhance the El Salvador International Airport.

In conclusion, González said, “We receive consistent support at the airport, enabling us to operate smoothly. The impressive airport facilities, along with the government’s modernization initiatives, contribute to our growth.”

Frontier Airlines’ success story in El Salvador mirrors the country’s progress, offering a glimpse of a vibrant future for Salvadoran tourism.