From Beans to Blockchain: Making Coffee’s Innovation in El Salvador’s Coffee Trade.

To keep developing El Salvador’s coffee industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has revealed that the renowned international company, Making Coffee, will be purchasing over one million pounds of coffee beans from small and medium producers within the country.

The announcement was made by Óscar Domínguez, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, during a morning event held at the Los Ausoles de R.L Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society, one of the largest cooperatives in the Ahuachapán department. The event also saw the participation of Adriana Mira, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Domínguez addressed a gathering of more than a hundred beneficiaries of this purchase, highlighting the favorable investment climate fostered by the administration of President Nayib Bukele. Through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), the government acted as a facilitator in establishing a connection between local producers and Making Coffee, a company that chose to invest in El Salvador due to its remarkable achievements. Notably, the improved security situation in the country has allowed farmers to harvest their crops with greater peace of mind.

The Deputy Minister elaborated that the deliveries will be spread throughout the year, amounting to an investment exceeding $4 million. He further confirmed that the initial delivery of 30,000 pounds has already been successfully completed.

Under President Bukele’s leadership, coffee producers have benefited from a comprehensive program that provides technical assistance to ensure the quality of their crops.

“This collaborative effort aims to ensure that our Coffee from El Salvador reaches a global audience. This acquisition of one million pounds is not just a transaction; it will also involve a QR code system enabling buyers to send Bitcoin to various participants in the supply chain through the Chivo Wallet app,” stated the Deputy Minister of MAG.

The engagement between Making Coffee and El Salvador’s coffee producers not only bolsters the local industry but also underscores the nation’s growing prominence in the global coffee market. As small and medium producers embrace new opportunities, the positive impact on both the economy and the international perception of El Salvador’s agricultural sector is anticipated to be substantial.