Government of El Salvador Promotes Innovation and Technology in the Agricultural Sector.

El Salvador’s government is taking bold steps to drive innovation and technology adoption in the country’s agricultural sector. With a collaborative approach, the government aims to implement specialized technologies to enhance competitiveness within the industry.

Recently, various government institutions joined forces to organize the Digital Literacy Forum for the Agricultural Sector. During this forum, participants shared insights and experiences, focusing on innovative approaches, advanced technologies, and creative strategies to reshape public agricultural policies. The goal was to address challenges and seize opportunities in the sector.

This initiative was spearheaded by the Presidential Secretariat of Innovation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), and the Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

Minister of Agriculture, Óscar Guardado, highlighted the importance of interagency cooperation in achieving agricultural sustainability and food security for the nation. “Under President Nayib Bukele’s leadership, the government is united in adopting innovative approaches to enhance productivity, sustainability, and resilience in agriculture and livestock production. Additionally, it aims to boost rural development and ensure food security,” he stated.

Furthermore, the head of MAG elaborated on the challenges faced due to neglect of the agricultural sector, resulting in losses for both producers and the national economy. The current government is committed to addressing these challenges alongside external factors such as climate change and, notably, water scarcity or deficiency for productive activities.

In light of these circumstances, MAG is actively working on implementing technology and digitalization within the sector. Precision agriculture, a key focus, enables efficient utilization of natural resources and increased production.

“In response to the evolving landscape of the sector, both public and private research play a pivotal role in MAG’s programs and actions. The goal is to establish a circular economy where all resources in the production and marketing cycle are effectively used and reused,” the institution emphasized.

MAG also underscored that effective marketing and exploration of new markets are essential to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among Salvadoran producers. This shift will empower them to position themselves competitively in the global market.

El Salvador’s commitment to embracing innovation and technology in agriculture reflects its determination to overcome challenges and create a sustainable future for its agricultural sector. The collaborative efforts of various government bodies and stakeholders, coupled with strategic initiatives, mark a significant step forward in ensuring both the nation’s food security and economic growth.