Decrease of 19% in Pedestrian Fatalities Registered by ViceMinistry of Transport.

In observance of World Pedestrian Day, various institutions are conducting activities to raise awareness about safe mobility and responsible road behavior. The ViceMinistry of Transport (VMT) has reported a significant 19% reduction in pedestrian fatalities for the current year compared to the same period in 2022, according to Nelson Reyes, the head of the institution.

Reyes emphasized the collaborative efforts with other organizations to further reduce road accident statistics on a national scale. He stated, “Overall, we have seen a 10% decrease in fatalities due to road accidents this year, and the reduction in pedestrian fatalities stands at 19% compared to the same period in 2022.”

Paola Bardi, the director of El Salvador’s National Road Safety Council (Conasevi), revealed that they are actively implementing a range of activities to promote safe mobility in commemoration of this important day. “We are organizing various events to honor this significant occasion, as at some point in the day, we all become pedestrians. We are stationed at different pedestrian crossings and controls to raise awareness about safe mobility,” Bardi expressed.

The efforts to enhance road safety continue, with Vice Minister Reyes reporting the ongoing implementation of photo enforcement systems. The primary goal is to enforce traffic regulations and cultivate responsible behavior among motorists. Cameras have already been installed at high-traffic locations to monitor and penalize violations in accordance with the law.

Reyes stressed, “The photo enforcement will encompass penalties for those who do not respect pedestrian spaces; this initiative aims to foster awareness and respect for these areas.”

As El Salvador acknowledges World Pedestrian Day, these collaborative endeavors between the Ministry of Transport, Conasevi, and other institutions stand as a testament to the commitment towards safer mobility and the reduction of pedestrian fatalities. The progress made in reducing these statistics underscores the importance of continued efforts to promote responsible road behavior and safeguard the lives of pedestrians nationwide.