Samsung Aims to Strengthen Partnerships and Impact in El Salvador.

The president of Samsung Electronics for Latin America, Hong Sang Jo, has expressed the company’s commitment to strengthening its operations within El Salvador. In an exclusive interview with “Diario El Salvador,” Hong Sang Jo articulated the company’s vision to enhance its footprint and presence in the country.

“Our vision is to increase our footprint and presence in El Salvador,” he stated with confidence.

Highlighting the motivation behind Samsung’s ongoing investments in El Salvador, the senior executive of the technology giant underscored the notable improvement in security measures, which has been catalyzed by the efforts of President Nayib Bukele’s government.

“I’ve been informed by my team in El Salvador that President Bukele has made significant strides in his vision to transform El Salvador into a secure nation. We perceive new opportunities stemming from President Bukele’s initiatives, which have led to a safer environment for us. Moreover, the Salvadoran people have demonstrated a strong affinity for the Samsung brand and products, which drives our desire to further contribute to El Salvador,” he emphasized.

Throughout the past year, Sang Yo has engaged in multiple discussions with the Salvadoran President and government officials with the aim of fostering more projects within the country. Notably, last year, in addition to meetings with President Bukele, he held discussions with Chancellor Alexandra Hill, exploring partnerships to bolster the technological capacities of the nation.

“Samsung stands as one of the foremost companies in technology and innovation. Consequently, we continually seek to introduce the finest products to El Salvador. Moreover, as a technology company, we aspire to contribute to Salvadoran society, particularly in terms of education for the youth,” he noted.

Currently, the company is actively maintaining two technology education initiatives within local schools: Solve For Tomorrow and Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC). These programs are designed to equip young individuals with tools that empower them to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

SIC Graduation Ceremony: Empowering the Future Innovators

Yesterday, a total of 103 Salvadoran youths from three educational institutions in the capital city proudly received their certificates in Programming and Coding. This achievement marked the culmination of their participation in the Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) program, which commenced in March of this year.

Students from the Republic of Canada School, Captain General Gerardo Barrios Educational Complex, and the National Institute Professor Jaime Francisco López were recipients of full scholarships from Samsung. These scholarships provided them with specialized training in programming and coding, spanning over 90 hours, in collaboration with Glasswing International.

The beneficiaries had the privilege of acquiring knowledge in diverse technologies, including Scratch, Rur Ple (Python), and problem-solving through algorithms. This training equips them to emerge as leaders in innovation.

Sang Jo expressed his commitment to sustaining this impactful program within the country.

“Through the Samsung Innovation Campus, our goal is to offer technological education, including artificial intelligence, to young Salvadorans. This education will empower these young individuals to eventually contribute to the nation’s growth. Our commitment is resolute – to carry forward this program and facilitate the education of our youth. That is our unwavering commitment and vision,” he concluded.

As Samsung continues to invest in El Salvador’s growth and development, the company’s dedication to education, innovation, and security stands as a testament to its enduring partnership with the nation and its people.