CUBO+ Equips Salvadoran Youth for Bitcoin-Related Jobs.

The intensive phase of CUBO+, a government-sponsored program aimed at training young Salvadorans in Bitcoin development, commenced last week. Over 20 Salvadoran youths have embarked on a two-week intensive training session as part of CUBO+, a software development program focusing on the first layer of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. The program is organized by the National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC) in collaboration with investment platform Fulgur Ventures.

Following a camp-style format, the participants, mostly university students from the country, have been accommodated in hotels in the capital city and El Zonte, La Libertad. Armed with nothing but their laptops, they have been receiving training from some of the world’s most renowned Bitcoin experts.

The instructors consist mainly of developers who work in the technical aspects of the cryptocurrency, providing services to both companies and individuals. Among them are notable contributors to the Bitcoin codebase, such as Peter Todd. The roster of trainers for this inaugural edition also includes Adam Gibson, Alekos Finili, Jimmy Song, and Gabriel, among others.

Mario Flamenco, an ONBTC member and project organizer, explained to “Diario El Salvador” that participants had to go through a rigorous selection process to join the program. “We provided preparatory online classes for one month and one week to 55 students, with frequent interactions during that time. After that experience, we conducted interviews for a week to assess their programming skills, interest in the project, future plans, and availability to participate. That’s how we filtered the candidates,” he commented.

The initiative covers topics related to Lightning, a network designed for instant micropayments, as well as an understanding of Bitcoin mining.

Flamenco pointed out that in addition to the training, all students will have the opportunity to undertake a three-month paid internship in Bitcoin companies such as Bitfinex, Strike, Galoy, Ibex, and Tiankii. “Every student is guaranteed a three-month paid internship in Bitcoin companies. The nature of the internship and the company they will work for depends on their interaction and performance. We have had dinners with companies to introduce them to the students,” he mentioned.

Some of the participants will also travel to Switzerland and Italy to attend conferences, meet more companies, engage with developers, and share their experiences from CUBO+.

Benjamín Alvarenga, an 18-year-old student pursuing a Technical Degree in Mobile Application Development at Don Bosco University (UDB), is one of the fortunate participants. He expressed his enthusiasm for expanding his knowledge of blockchain during this program and his intention to contribute to the ecosystem of El Salvador. “I was already interested in the topic, but my knowledge was superficial. This program has been intense, but filled with valuable knowledge and learning opportunities because the speakers have a strong grasp of the topics and keep us engaged. After completing my internship and gaining work experience, if I have support and an idea, I would be motivated to start a startup,” he said.

CUBO+ is not only providing Salvadoran youth with specialized training but also paving the way for their integration into the growing Bitcoin industry. With opportunities for internships and exposure to prominent companies and conferences, these young participants are well-equipped to make significant contributions to the field and drive innovation in El Salvador’s Bitcoin ecosystem.