Salvadoran Congress Approves Financing for Project to Provide Water to Vulnerable Sectors.

In a significant move to address water scarcity in El Salvador, the Salvadoran Congress has approved the financing of a project that aims to supply water to vulnerable sectors. The legislation, supported by 65 votes, grants $100 million for the Water Sector Resilience Project in El Salvador.

With 65 votes in favor and 5 abstentions, members of the Legislative Assembly have approved a loan agreement with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) for up to $100 million. This funding will be used to support the Water Sector Resilience Project in El Salvador.

The Minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya, had made a request to the Finance and Budget Committee, emphasizing that the project’s objectives include improving the quality, reliability, and efficiency of water supply services in different areas of El Salvador. The project also aims to modernize public service management, strengthen planning, and enhance resilience to climate-related risks.

The project will primarily focus on the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador (MASS), which receives water from the Torogoz water treatment plant. This includes the municipalities of San Salvador, Apopa, Ciudad Delgado, Cuscatancingo, Ayutuxtepeque, and Soyapango.

Members of the cyan caucus highlighted the importance of this project, as it encompasses all departments and particularly benefits communities that have never had access to clean water. They also emphasized the project’s alignment with the recently enacted Water Resources Law, which establishes the Salvadoran government’s responsibility to provide potable water to the population.

By approving the financing and implementation of the Water Sector Resilience Project, the Salvadoran Congress has taken a significant step toward addressing water scarcity and improving the lives of vulnerable communities. This project not only aims to enhance the water supply infrastructure but also aligns with the government’s commitment to ensuring access to clean water for all Salvadorans.