El Salvador advances in its commitment to the shipbuilding industry by growing the maritime maintenance platforms.

The Salvadoran Government’s efforts to promote the shipbuilding industry, as part of the Cuscatlán Plan, continue to progress, according to Cristian Flores, the Commissioner of Strategic Projects.

In a coordinated governmental initiative involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of El Salvador in Panama, the Maritime Port Authority (AMP), and the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), a cooperation agreement has been reached with the Spanish shipyard operator Astican. The agreement aims to support El Salvador in developing human capital for the operation of maritime maintenance platforms, with plans to establish one in the Port of La Unión.

“In line with the Cuscatlán Plan of the Salvadoran Government, the necessary steps are being taken to install and operationalize a shipyard in the Port of La Unión. This facility will provide maintenance services to vessels navigating the Pacific coast of Central America,” stated Commissioner Flores.

He emphasized that the successful development of the shipbuilding industry in El Salvador relies on training Salvadorans in shipyard operations. This partnership with Astican will serve as a tool to enhance capabilities, exchange experiences, provide training, conduct research, and offer internships, among other areas of interest, to foster mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation ties.

Commissioner Flores also highlighted President Nayib Bukele’s vision to propel El Salvador to new levels of competitiveness. He stated, “These significant steps taken by El Salvador are a testament to the president’s commitment and the country’s ambitious projects.”


According to CEPA, the designated area for the shipyard construction boasts over 5,000 vessels, which could potentially become clients for El Salvador. The project’s appeal is further enhanced by the absence of a similar maintenance platform along the Pacific coast of the Americas, from northern Mexico to Ecuador.

The shipyard is part of the larger plan for the reactivation of the Port of La Unión, which includes other mega infrastructure projects like the Pacific Train and the Pacific Airport.

As El Salvador advances in its bet on the shipbuilding industry, the collaboration with Astican and the development of a shipyard in the Port of La Unión signify a significant milestone in the country’s pursuit of economic growth and competitiveness. This strategic partnership will not only strengthen El Salvador’s capabilities in maritime maintenance but also contribute to the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships in the region.