Record-Breaking Cocaine Seizure on La Paz Coastal Strip.

In a significant blow to drug trafficking, the Salvadoran Navy seized approximately one ton of cocaine valued at around $25 million on the coastal strip of La Paz. President Nayib Bukele hailed this operation as the farthest naval strike against narcotics in Salvadoran waters.

According to President Bukele, elements of the National Navy intercepted a boat on Saturday, which was found to be carrying approximately one ton of cocaine worth an estimated $25 million. The vessel was discovered 525 nautical miles southwest of Bocana El Cordoncillo, along the coastal strip of La Paz.

Highlighting the magnitude of this achievement, President Bukele stated that this seizure marked the most remote naval operation against drug trafficking ever recorded in the history of El Salvador. He emphasized that the seized drugs hold an estimated value of $25 million.

“Our National Navy has just seized a boat 525 nautical miles southwest of Bocana El Cordoncillo, Estero de Jaltepeque. This is the farthest naval operation against drug trafficking conducted by our country on Salvadorean shores,” Bukele announced on his Twitter account.

President Bukele also revealed that the boat contained six crew members, consisting of three Ecuadorians and three Mexicans, all of whom were apprehended and will be placed in custody by the respective authorities.

“Aboard the narco-trafficking boat, there were six crew members, three of Ecuadorian nationality and three of Mexican nationality. It is estimated to contain approximately one ton of cocaine, valued at around $25 million,” he added.

This remarkable seizure showcases the Salvadoran government’s commitment to combating drug trafficking and its determination to dismantle criminal networks involved in such illicit activities. The successful operation not only safeguards the nation’s security but also contributes to the global effort to eliminate the scourge of drug trafficking.

President Bukele expressed gratitude to the Salvadorean Navy for their swift and effective action in thwarting this illegal operation. The government’s unwavering resolve and collaborative efforts with international partners continue to send a clear message that drug traffickers will face relentless prosecution and that the fight against narcotics remains a top priority.

The seized cocaine will be properly disposed of, ensuring that it does not find its way into the hands of criminal organizations or pose a threat to the citizens of El Salvador or neighboring countries.

As the nation celebrates this significant achievement, the Salvadorean authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to combat drug trafficking and maintain the security and well-being of their citizens.