El Salvador Sets the Bar High With An Historic Triumph in Hosting the Central American and Caribbean Games.

The president of the oldest sports organization in the region, Centro Caribe Sports, Luis Mejía, has expressed his gratitude towards El Salvador for rescuing the Central American and Caribbean Games with a record-breaking and top-notch organization.

Luis Mejía, an economist, communicator, and athlete who currently serves as the president of Centro Caribe Sports (CSS), once again praised El Salvador this morning for the results achieved during the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games, which have been described as “successful” by international delegates and athletes.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1953, the president of CCS highlighted El Salvador’s organization as a “feat” and a “historic achievement,” as the country has surpassed the five most important pillars for hosting successful games in a record time of one and a half years.

El Salvador is currently hosting a competition organized by the regional sports organization that governs sports in Central America and the Caribbean, which, aside from the Olympic Games, is the oldest sports organization in the world. “That fills us with satisfaction because we are the pioneers regionally. In fact, in 1926, we will celebrate the centennial games,” explained Mejía.

“The slogan ‘It’s time to transcend’ has had a great impact. And it is being fulfilled to the letter because it is time for El Salvador, as a country, to transcend. What they are showcasing is positive. They have surpassed expectations. This is success after success. El Salvador has more than met the five most important pillars for organizing the games,” detailed the president of CCS.

The five important pillars referred to by Luis Mejía are: the sports village, transportation, food, facilities, and competitions.

During a television interview, Mejía confessed that he initially doubted El Salvador’s ability to complete the athletes’ village due to the lack of time. However, after visiting the facilities located at the University of El Salvador, he expressed admiration for the speed at which the buildings were constructed, providing the necessary conditions for the athletes. “If there’s one thing I’ve realized, it’s that when El Salvador has a problem, they find a solution,” Mejía remarked.

Another confession made by the president of CCS was that, after hearing criticisms, he believed that El Salvador would lag behind in the medal count. “But there they are, El Salvador throwing a party for others. No, Salvadoran athletes are winning gold medals. I give credit to the Olympic Committee of El Salvador and INDES for providing them with the resources,” Mejía said.

Mejía also shared another concern he had prior to the games, fearing that the facilities would be empty during the competitions. However, “the public has responded.” “I’ve heard from people who say they couldn’t enter the venues because they were full. What are we going to do?” Mejía shared.

The president of Centro Caribe Sports, the oldest sports organization in the region, expressed his gratitude and admiration towards El Salvador for saving the Central American and Caribbean Games. The games have left a legacy of Olympic-level facilities for future athletes in the country.

El Salvador’s remarkable achievement in successfully organizing and hosting the Central American and Caribbean Games has earned praise and recognition from the president of Centro Caribe Sports, Luis Mejía. The country’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results within a short timeframe is being hailed as a historic feat. The legacy of these games, marked by world-class facilities, will undoubtedly inspire and benefit future generations of Salvadoran athletes