International Carriers Embrace New Routes from El Salvador.

In a bid to expand their operations and cater to the growing demand for air travel, international airlines are looking to incorporate new routes from El Salvador. Several airline companies operating in the country have announced the addition of new flights to cities such as Las Vegas and Ontario, California, with others currently in the process of obtaining permits for routes like Oakland, Miami, and New York.

Over the past few years, international airlines have made significant investments to enhance passenger services departing from El Salvador’s San Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez International Airport. However, the interest in further incorporating new flight frequencies remains high. Avianca, one of the leading airlines in the region, recently revealed plans to inaugurate a flight to Las Vegas in July and aims to reach Oakland in the second half of this year, pending the necessary permissions.

These routes will join the recently launched ones, such as direct flights transporting tourists to Madrid, Spain, Orlando, Cancun, and Boston, reaffirming El Salvador’s relevance as a hub for connections to both the Americas and Europe.

Additionally, last week, the Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Projects, Cristian Flores, met with Arajet’s CEO, Victor Pacheco, to discuss potential new routes that would benefit Salvadorans and international tourists alike. Pacheco highlighted El Salvador as the airline’s favorite destination among the 17 locations they currently serve. He further stated that they are actively seeking new routes that would be advantageous for Salvadorans.

“We have initially applied for routes to New York, Miami, and Puerto Rico. We are working on the necessary arrangements for these flights to commence, giving Salvadorans the option to travel to these destinations via Arajet. In total, we are interested in 17 destinations in North America, and we will soon announce the initiation of a route to Toronto, Canada,” Pacheco affirmed.

Moreover, Pacheco noted that the destinations they are considering have a significant population that wishes to visit El Salvador. “Everything that is happening in El Salvador, the internal changes taking place, has sparked curiosity, and people want to witness the beauty of the country and engage in activities like surfing,” stated the CEO of the Dominican airline.

Volaris, another prominent airline, also announced that it will inaugurate a new route from San Salvador to Ontario, California, in the United States on the upcoming Saturday.

The addition of these new routes signifies a positive development for El Salvador’s air travel industry, providing travelers with more options and reinforcing the country’s position as an attractive destination for both tourism and business opportunities. With the continuous interest from international airlines and the ongoing efforts to expand connectivity, El Salvador is poised to further enhance its global accessibility and economic growth.