El Salvador Shines as Host of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games.

The government of President Nayib Bukele is positioning the country as a prominent venue for major international sporting events, such as the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games. Delegations and international athletes participating in the sporting event have been arriving since Monday afternoon.

Among the delegations that arrived in the country on Monday are Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guyana, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Belize, Colombia, Aruba, among others.

“We are delighted to be in El Salvador for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, San Salvador 2023. We have high expectations for this event. We know that the facilities are in top shape, and we look forward to sharing this experience with all the countries,” said Miguel Alexander Niño, coordinator of the Colombian medical delegation.

El Salvador is hosting the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, San Salvador 2023, in which more than 4,000 athletes will participate in various sports disciplines. The government is finalizing its logistics to welcome the participants of this significant sporting event.

“With my teammates, we have been training together for about a year, and we have earned the opportunity to represent our country in El Salvador at these games. We are going for the gold medal,” stated Belizean athlete Gabriel Núñez.

The government has meticulously taken care of every logistical detail to ensure that the athletes have a unique experience, from their accommodation, transportation, and meals to reception and entertainment, so they can fully enjoy the country.

President Nayib Bukele expressed his enthusiasm for hosting these games, stating, “El Salvador is proud to be the host of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games. We have invested significant resources to prepare first-class facilities and provide exceptional services to our guests. This event not only promotes sports but also showcases the beauty and hospitality of our nation.”

The XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games will take place over the next two weeks, during which athletes from across the region will compete in a wide range of sports. This event not only promotes healthy competition and camaraderie but also enhances the visibility of El Salvador as a favorable destination for future international sporting events.

With its commitment to sports development and its successful organization of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, El Salvador is making strides towards becoming a prominent host for major sporting competitions, contributing to the growth and recognition of the country in the international arena.

As the games unfold, sports enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate witnessing remarkable athletic performances and celebrating the spirit of unity and sportsmanship that these games represent. El Salvador stands ready to deliver a memorable and unforgettable experience to all participants and spectators alike.