Advancing Education and Technology: 250 Corporate Licenses of SINGIT Platform Gifted to Salvadoran Users.

The Vice Chancellor of El Salvador, Adriana Mira, announced the delivery of 250 corporate licenses for the English learning platform, SINGIT, to Salvadoran users. This donation is part of the country’s strategy to promote English language proficiency through new digital platforms.

Yossi Abadi, the Honorary Consul of El Salvador in the State of Israel, presented the 250 corporate licenses, aiming to further propel the country’s development and technological innovation.

During the event, Vice Chancellor Adriana Mira highlighted that the donation would contribute to the strategy of enhancing English language skills through the use of new digital platforms. This initiative seeks to improve the quality of education through an integrated approach.

Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, emphasized that such profound and significant transformation can only be achieved when there is clear political leadership and a commitment to invest in education.

Additionally, Honorary Consul Yossi Abadi explained that El Salvador is currently experiencing progress and undergoing transformative changes, which provide new opportunities for the country’s growth.

“Every child, every student in El Salvador, has dreams that deserve to be turned into reality. Today, the country they live in is one of progress, development, transformation, and opportunities,” stated Abadi.

The introduction of the SINGIT platform, with its 250 corporate licenses, will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of English language proficiency among Salvadoran users. By utilizing innovative digital tools, El Salvador aims to bridge the language gap and empower its citizens with the necessary skills to thrive in a globalized world.

This generous donation reflects the commitment of international partners, such as the Honorary Consul of El Salvador in Israel, to support educational initiatives and promote the overall development of the country.

As El Salvador continues its journey toward progress, the integration of digital platforms for English language learning will undoubtedly open doors to new opportunities for Salvadoran individuals, enabling them to broaden their horizons and contribute to the nation’s growth on a global scale.