CABEI Endorses President Bukele’s Administration for Economic and Social Progress in El Salvador

In recent years, the government of President Nayib Bukele has garnered support and confidence from multilateral organizations, such as the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). These organizations are endorsing and placing their trust in the initiatives driven by President Bukele’s administration, which aim to foster economic and social development for the people of El Salvador.

Luis Rodriguez, the director of the CABEI for El Salvador, highlighted the excellent relationship between the country and the organization he represents. This relationship serves as a testament to the trust placed in President Bukele’s management. Rodriguez emphasized that, as of June 1st this year, the financial institution has surpassed $4.6 billion in investments through various projects executed within the country. These projects encompass both public and private initiatives, focusing on non-reimbursable technical cooperation.

“The BCIE continues to structure significant support for the upcoming plans in the country, including proposals made by us, which involve internal modernizations to meet the country’s needs,” expressed Rodriguez.

He further emphasized that the entire team in El Salvador is diligently working around the clock on multiple ongoing projects. Rodriguez reiterated the CABEI’s support for all these strategic initiatives in areas such as security, healthcare, education, housing, and sports.

President Bukele actively engages with the dynamics of the CABEI and various collaborating institutions, as well as the private sector. This collaborative ecosystem enables tangible investment outcomes, asserted Rodriguez.

Additionally, he underscored that all the initiatives supported by the CABEI are closely related to the issue of security. In this regard, he recalled that the bank is endorsing the Territorial Control Plan, particularly its second phase focused on communities and the projects of the Urban Well-being and Opportunities Centers (CUBO), along with the modernization of security institutions.

Rodriguez reaffirmed the CABEI’s support for El Salvador in its continued transformation and improvement of the population’s quality of life. The cooperation extended by the organization towards the significant projects undertaken during President Bukele’s tenure plays a pivotal role in achieving these objectives.