Salvadoran Labor Migration Program Sends Seventh Contingent to Canada.

In a significant development, a new contingent of Salvadoran workers who have been selected under the Labor Migration Program of the Ministry of Labor is set to travel to Canada today. These individuals will have the opportunity to integrate into various employment sectors legally and securely.

Rolando Castro, the Minister of Labor, provided detailed information about the Labor Migration Plan, emphasizing its ongoing commitment to benefiting Salvadoran families by creating safe and lawful job opportunities in foreign countries.

“We must transform the lives of Salvadorans. Today, we are announcing your departure to one of the most developed and beautiful countries, Canada. While you embark on this journey, never forget your roots and your families. The Ministry of Labor’s policy is to ensure representation from the majority of departments in this program,” expressed Castro.

The minister also specified that the seventh contingent of Salvadoran workers traveling to Canada represents individuals from ten departments in the country. He reiterated that this project will continue to promote work opportunities abroad for Salvadorans, ultimately benefiting their families.

“As you embark on this journey today, become a beacon of hope for more Salvadorans who aspire to travel to Canada. Do not let us down in front of Canadian companies. Behind you, there are over 30,000 people with dreams and pressing needs who hope to enter this program, just like you,” Castro emphasized.

Carlos Hernandez, a member of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), commended the Ministry of Labor’s initiative, which has been benefiting numerous families in El Salvador. He acknowledged the contribution of the country’s workforce to the dynamism of the national economy.

“We recognize Minister Rolando Castro’s efforts in energizing the Salvadoran economy. We have observed the conditions and can firmly state that you will receive all the legal benefits in Canada,” Hernandez assured.

Additionally, the Parlacen member informed that the Salvadoran workers will have a dedicated support team in Canada to address any needs they may have upon arrival.

“This project provides employment opportunities for individuals from any community in El Salvador. Such initiatives will enhance both families’ economic situations and contribute to the growth of El Salvador,” commented the Central American legislator.

One of the beneficiaries of the Labor Migration Program, Miguel Antonio Ruiz, shared his excitement. Having worked in the culinary field in El Salvador for over 15 years, he expressed his determination to showcase his skills in Canada.

“I am eager to put all my efforts into satisfying the taste buds of Canadians. Thank you for continuing to work on this project, and I urge everyone to keep fighting for the benefit of Salvadorans,” Ruiz expressed with gratitude.

The departure of this new contingent marks another step forward in the Labor Migration Program, strengthening the ties between El Salvador and Canada while providing Salvadoran workers with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth. As they embark on this journey, their success will serve as an inspiration for many others who aspire to participate in similar programs and improve their lives through legal and secure employment abroad.