El Salvador’s Market Maturity and Legal Security Lured GC Services BPO for Expansion.

GC Services, a US Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in customer service and user experience, has announced its investment in El Salvador, citing the country’s mature BPO industry, improved legal security, and reduced crime rates as key factors.

Foreign investments continue to pour into El Salvador as GC Services, a US-based BPO company, plans to establish operations in the country with a multimillion-dollar investment.

In an interview, CEO Mario Baddour explained that after considering several countries in the region for their expansion plans, they found crucial factors in El Salvador in terms of market potential and legal security.

Among the reasons that led them to choose El Salvador is the maturity of the BPO market in the country. According to records from the Ministry of Economy (Minec), more than 90 companies offering such services have already established themselves in the territory.

“The BPO market is quite mature in El Salvador, which is why we are establishing our first Latin American headquarters here. I have been doing business in El Salvador for 12 years, and the progress I have witnessed during this time is fascinating,” said Baddour.

He highlighted that the industry’s development has enabled the local talent to acquire the necessary skills, particularly in English proficiency, making the hiring process more streamlined.

“When we first started looking at El Salvador years ago, we saw a 5 to 10% advancement in English proficiency. Now, the recent trend shows a 30 to 35% proficiency rate, with San Salvador consistently reaching 45 to 50% proficiency. That is significant. Additionally, their Spanish accent is very neutral, which is important to us. You don’t find that in many Latin American countries,” he pointed out.

“When you hire someone for BPO, it takes a lot of time to train them to reach a certain level of professionalism, especially when they lack experience. But in El Salvador, that time is shorter compared to other countries,” he added.

Furthermore, Baddour emphasized that another motivating factor behind their entry into the Salvadoran market is the government’s commitment, led by President Nayib Bukele, to strengthen the business ecosystem, enhance legal security, and improve crime rates.

“The legal system has improved significantly. Doing business in the country no longer depends on having a good dinner with a judge or something like that. This practice has vanished due to the discipline imposed by the government. We have great faith in the legal system. Moreover, we feel safe in the country,” he stated.

In this context, he emphasized that their investment vision in El Salvador “knows no limits” and depends on the success they achieve, which they anticipate will be substantial. They project to generate 300 new jobs this year alone, with plans to increase that number in 2024. The job vacancies will be announced in the coming weeks.

“You will see our job openings very soon, within a few days. We are looking for individuals who are well-versed in technology, e-commerce, and sales in general. We will soon seek individuals with technical skills to provide technical consultancy,” he announced.

Finally, Baddour mentioned that initially, they will begin operations in a rental property but are planning to construct their own offices in the near future.