Government of El Salvador and IDB Launch “Digital Economy” Platform.

The Ministry of Economy (Minec) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) have launched the “Digital Economy” platform. This initiative aims to integrate and connect the various actors within El Salvador’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, while promoting the digital and technological services sector.

The platform, which can be accessed at, consists of four sections, each addressing different aspects of the ecosystem.

Under the “Tools” section, users can access resources such as electronic signature services, digital maturity diagnostics, and streamlined processes for investors. The “Digital Skills” section offers certifications and international courses platforms to strengthen knowledge in the field.

The “Ecosystem 4.0” section is designed to bring together companies, startups, consultants, experts, freelancers, and all ecosystem actors in one space to facilitate networking and the sharing of experiences. Lastly, the “Library” section provides a repository of resources related to innovation and technology, including regulatory frameworks and success stories from the ecosystem.

Alejandro Panameño, the Digital Innovation Manager at Minec, explained that the platform offers free courses such as augmented reality and certification with Microsoft. María Luisa Hayem, the Minister of Economy, emphasized that this project represents a significant step in positioning El Salvador as a regional hub for innovation, where both local and foreign companies can establish, operate, and grow within the territory.

“This virtual space complements the efforts of President Nayib Bukele’s government to make El Salvador a regional reference in attracting investment and a center for the export of digital and technological services,” she said.

“This portal brings the vibrant innovation ecosystem of our country into the virtual realm… We believe it will be a place where entrepreneurs can find solutions,” she added.

César Falconi, the IDB representative in El Salvador, highlighted that this platform is a significant step toward enhancing the digital skills of local businesses.

“It is an honor to have joined efforts between the Ministry of Economy and the IDB to launch this digital economy portal… SMEs that adopt technology grow faster and generate more jobs. With this platform, entrepreneurs will have valuable tools at their disposal,” he pointed out.