Government places 7,000 Salvadorans abroad through Labor Migration Program.

The Salvadoran Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MTPS) announced that around 7,000 Salvadorans have been placed abroad through the Labor Migration Program. The Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro, revealed in a morning interview that this figure corresponds to the contingents sent to the United States and Canada, who have traveled with visas of up to three years and competitive salaries.

Castro emphasized that currently, the Ministry only reviews applications for Canada, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs handles those for the United States. He also highlighted that in April 2023 alone, the MTPS announced the departure of two contingents to Canada, and four have been sent to the same country so far this year.

“We have strengthened the team of the Labor Migration Program. In this month of April, we have sent two contingents, and four have been sent to Canada so far this year. The fourth contingent is going with the same company with which we started the program in Canada. It is TVM, a Canadian company based in Toronto. Today, we will announce the departure of this fourth contingent,” said Castro.

The Labor Migration Program aims to provide Salvadorans with better job opportunities abroad and to help the country’s economic growth through remittances. The program has been successful in providing employment opportunities to many Salvadorans, and the government plans to continue expanding the program in the coming years.

The government is committed to promoting the well-being of its citizens and believes that the Labor Migration Program is an excellent way to achieve this goal. By providing Salvadorans with better job opportunities, the government hopes to create a positive impact on the country’s economic and social development.

In conclusion, the Salvadoran government’s Labor Migration Program has helped thousands of citizens secure employment abroad and improve their quality of life. The government’s efforts to expand the program and provide more opportunities to its citizens are commendable, and we hope that this program will continue to be successful in the years to come.