El Salvador Launches First Bitcoin Programming Course for Computer Science Students.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem in El Salvador has experienced significant growth since the approval of the Bitcoin Law. To date, 80 companies have registered with the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) as Bitcoin service providers, and at least three have received licenses from the National Digital Asset Commission as digital asset service providers.

This business strengthening has increased demand for trained personnel in cryptocurrency software development. In this context, the Bitcoin Office (ONBTC) announced that on Monday, April 24th, the country will launch the first specialized training program in this type of technology, called CUBO+.

According to the institution, 54 young people will participate in the project, which will end in June. The program will train computer science students in Bitcoin programming and Lightning with the guidance of experts from around the world.

This initiative arose as a result of the relationship that President Nayib Bukele’s government established with Lugano, Switzerland, where El Salvador inaugurated its first Bitcoin embassy.

“The Plan B scholarship will provide an opportunity for the best and brightest computer science students in El Salvador to be trained by the most important Bitcoin experts from around the world,” ONBTC said. The program aims for excellence and is inspired by President Bukele’s successful CUBO project.

The project will be fully financed by companies such as Tether and Fulgur Ventures, and the inaugural class of the program will be held at Don Bosco University in Soyapango.

This educational project in cryptocurrencies adds to others that have already been executed in the country since 2021, such as My First Bitcoin, but it is the first to delve into programming.

The experts who will teach the courses include Saifedean Ammous, author of the book The Bitcoin Standard; Jimmy Song, author of several books on Bitcoin and educator in the technology for several years; Pierre Rochard, entrepreneur and executive of Bitcoin companies like Kraken, and founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute; Giacomo Puritan, one of the representatives of Bitcoin maximalism; and Peter Todd, a developer of Bitcoin in several firms around the world.