Air Transat continues to transport passengers from Canada to El Salvador.

Air Transat, the Canadian airline, is continuing to transport more Canadians to El Salvador, in order for them to explore the different tourist destinations that the country has to offer.

On Sunday, Jean-Pierre Naud, a Canadian citizen, was one of the passengers who arrived in the country on a flight, where 90% of the passengers were invited to a wedding.

Naud commented that this was his second time visiting the country to appreciate all of its geographic beauty, history, culture, and cuisine.

“I really love El Salvador. I love the smiles of the people here. Now, if I come to El Salvador eventually, I am considering buying a house in this country to have a place to stay,” he added.

Meanwhile, Gitta Dom, also a Canadian, said that it was her first time in the country and that she hopes to explore the nature, volcanoes, and sea.

“I have heard about the good food, good drinks, and since I am in the midst of many Salvadorans, I would like to experience everything local,” the tourist affirmed.

Air Transat’s continued transportation of Canadians to El Salvador demonstrates the growing interest in the country as a tourist destination. With its diverse natural beauty, rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, it is not surprising that more and more people are choosing to explore this hidden gem in Central America.