Salvadorans Abroad Invest $550 Million in Over 190 Projects in the Country.

Salvadorans living abroad have invested over $550 million in more than 190 projects in their home country, according to Cristian Flores, the Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Projects.

Flores explained that the Salvadorans living abroad have returned to El Salvador with a desire to invest in their home country due to the improved security situation, which has been achieved through the public security strategies implemented by President Nayib Bukele’s administration.

“We have seen how the Territorial Control Plan has brought benefits. There are more than 67,000 gang members in jail. Restoring security to the people allows for improvements in the economy and social well-being, and that is important,” Flores commented.

In addition to the security improvements, Flores highlighted the infrastructure improvements that El Salvador is undergoing, along with better connectivity, factors that make the country a strategic point for investments.

“Connectivity, security, and investment in public infrastructure are essential for development. There are over 194 projects totaling $550 million, solely from Salvadorans living abroad who have now returned to the country,” he said.

“In the past, Salvadorans fled the country due to gangs and the abandonment by the state. Now, Salvadorans living abroad are becoming part of the investments in the country. Salvadorans abroad are investing in hospitals, mechanical industry, tourism, gastronomy, and technology,” he added.

Flores also highlighted how the country has improved its logistics processes for investors, noting that “previously, a company had to go through 114 processes to operate; now, it’s just one window through the Ministry of Economy.”

“All of these changes have modified the international perception of El Salvador,” he emphasized.

With these investments, Salvadorans abroad are contributing to the economic development of their home country, and the government’s efforts to improve security and infrastructure are creating a more favorable environment for investment.