El Salvador Explores Germany as a New Destination for Legal and Temporary Jobs.

The Salvadoran Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro, will embark on a new tour of Europe to explore sending Salvadorans to work in different productive areas.

Minister Castro announced that he will soon travel to Europe to seek new formal job opportunities for thousands of Salvadorans.

“This year, when we go back to Geneva, Switzerland, to report to the International Labor Organization (ILO), we will take the opportunity to visit other countries, and one of the ones we have planned is Germany in order to open a possible labor program,” the official said.

Castro assured that Germany has great potential for Salvadorans to go to work legally and perform in different economic sectors.

If the mentioned meetings are finalized, this would become the third European country where the Government will send Salvadorans to work temporarily, as it has already initiated processes with Spain and Italy.

“The Government of Spain has already sent us the proposal for the agreement, and we are reviewing it. This is first defined from State to State, and later, the operationalization for the execution of the companies enters,” he explained.

The agreement with these European nations was made in 2022 when Minister Castro toured the old continent to represent the country at the ILO General Assembly, where he asked the 187 represented countries to help build a dignified and sovereign El Salvador.

Castro also assured that one of the markets with a high demand for labor force by companies is Canada, where they are exploring doubling the sending of Salvadorans.

“Initially, we projected sending a contingent per month, but due to the process being carried out based on the demand that Canadian companies are requesting, it is expected that from next month, it will no longer be a contingent, but two (per month). We are working very hard,” Castro said.

Since 2019, the Government has had the Labor Mobility Program in effect, which has made it possible to hire more than 3,600 people to travel and work temporarily in the United States and Canada in sectors such as food processing, hotels, construction, and event assembly, among others.

Likewise, on several occasions, the Ministry of Labor reported that during its tour of Mexico, it also signed a letter of understanding with the Secretary of Labor of Mexico so that Salvadorans can work in sectors such as agriculture, services, and industry.