Education Forecasts Enrollment Increase This Year Due to School Safety.

The Ministry of Education in El Salvador has announced that it expects an increase in enrollment this year due to the successful results of safety measures implemented through the Exception Regime and the Territorial Control Plan. According to Education Minister Mauricio Pineda, the measures have allowed more students to attend schools without worrying about territorial limits that previously prevented them from attending classes.

Pineda also stated that there has been an increase in enrollment at educational centers located in areas where there were previously high crime rates. The Ministry of Education has identified that some students could not attend the closest school because it was located in a different territorial zone. As a result, they had to travel to more distant schools, which was an additional cost for families and often led to dropout rates.

However, the recent security improvements have changed this situation, and the Ministry of Education expects an increase in national enrollment this year. Pineda also highlighted that there has been an increase in the number of students enrolled in educational centers located in high crime areas.

Pineda emphasized that the government has provided essential services such as education, health, and infrastructure for communities within the security perimeters. This has allowed children and young people to develop in their communities safely.

In addition to the increased enrollment, Pineda also announced that the Ministry of Education has drafted a bill for a school feeding program. Currently, the program provides food to 100% of students, and the ministry is working with the Ministry of Agriculture to include beans in the feeding program as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Education’s efforts to improve school safety and provide essential services have resulted in a positive impact on the education sector in El Salvador. It is hoped that these measures will continue to have a positive impact and ensure that all children have access to education without fear of violence or territorial limits.