El Salvador will use thorium to generate nuclear energy.

The Directorate of Energy, Hydrocarbons, and Mines (DGEHM) announced that El Salvador will explore the generation of nuclear energy with thorium fuel.

For this, the head of the DGEHM, Daniel lvarez, signed a cooperation agreement yesterday with John Kutsch, executive director of the Thorium Energy Alliance, an organization made up of scientists and engineers that will accompany the Salvadoran government in the preparation of a plan to “deploy ” generation through thorium engine reactors and thermal energy storage systems.

“It will revolutionize the energy landscape of El Salvador,” said Álvarez, who is also president of the Lempa River Executive Commission (CEL). He thanked the firm for its “dedicated work in implementing a secure nuclear future.”

Kutsch, for his part, considered that El Salvador is taking “bold steps” to ensure access to abundant and reliable energy for the population.

Thorium is an alternative in the generation of nuclear energy, highly questioned worldwide for its military use despite the fact that it is considered one of the least polluting because it causes fewer greenhouse gases.

A traditional nuclear power plant produces heat by splitting atoms in a reactor with uranium or plutonium. That heat is used to generate steam, and then electricity. These terminals often generate large amounts of radioactive waste and contaminants that cannot be easily disposed of.

However, thorium is considered a safer and more efficient generation process than uranium. “This initiative will not only solve the urgent needs of our country quickly and cost effectively; rather, it will improve feasibility, reliability, and the environment,” he said in a statement.

The Salvadoran government pointed out that the use of thorium limits nuclear waste, as well as the risk of proliferation and nuclear accidents. In addition, he assured that it would reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

This metal is also easier to obtain because it is found in soil, rocks, water, plants, and animals. Nor can it be used for weapons purposes.