El Salvador and Spain signed a cooperation agreement on organ transplantation.

This Salvadoran Social Security Institute and the Spanish Ministry of Health for Technical Cooperation, Training, and Dissemination signed an understanding agreement to promote cooperation in organ transplantation.

This search will promote technical cooperation and training by sharing experiences from the Spanish model.

The director of the ISSS, Dr. Mónica Ayala, the ambassador of Spain in El Salvador, Carlos de la Morena, and the director of the National Transplant Organization, Dr. Beatriz Domínguez-Gil, were connected by videoconference from Spain.

The director of the ONT applauded the boost given by El Salvador to its donation and transplantation system, emphasizing the advantages of betting on transplantation both for patients, whose quality of life and life expectancy improve, and for the sustainability of the system itself, which would save costs of treatments such as dialysis.

Similarly, Domínguez-Gil praised the 10 Salvadoran doctors who have been trained in Spain since 2005 for making excellent use of their stay there.

The director of the ISSS, Mónica Ayala, thanked the cooperation with the ONT, which she trusts will “transform” the health system and “the lives of Salvadorans”, and the support of the Spanish Embassy as liaison with the ONT.

For his part, the ambassador of Spain in El Salvador, Carlos de la Morena, expressed his joy at being part of another example of collaboration between two brother countries such as Spain and El Salvador.