The modernization of the Ilopango Airport has begun.

As of this year, the Ilopango International Airport, in San Salvador, will be better able to land aircraft due to the modernization works carried out by the government of President Nayib Bukele, through the Autonomous Port Executive Commission (CEPA).

The modernization of the passenger terminal, which represents the most significant investment in infrastructure in the last 50 years, has recently begun, assuring the autonomous company, which expects it to be completed by mid-year.

“We started with the modernization of the passenger terminal at the Ilopango International Airport to serve compatriots and foreign investors visiting our country in new and comfortable facilities,” he said.

The passenger terminal’s modernization includes, among other things, the construction of rest areas for pilots and crew, waiting rooms, and executive meeting areas, as well as parking for 120 vehicles.

“The Ilopango airport was the icon of aviation in El Salvador, which is why this year we are going to make a considerable investment so that more and more investors continue to come to the country on private flights,” Federico Anliker, president of CEPA, recently assured.

Likewise, the work carried out will allow for the strengthening of airport services in Ilopango and provide the treatment that businessmen who come to invest in El Salvador deserve. “With this, we will begin the stage of investing in the Ilopango International Airport,” he reiterated.

He also reported that previous governments had left the airfield completely abandoned. However, the administration of President Nayib Bukele seeks to boost the air sector and continue promoting the “open skies” strategy for Salvadorans and foreigners.

The official stressed the importance of having an airport in the capital since this allows a greater revitalization of the national economy.

The work at the Ilopango terminal is on track with the work carried out at the El Salvador International Airport, where, starting this year, the modernization and expansion of the check-in area will begin, as well as the aerodrome parking area.

The institution informed us that with the project, an existing area of 1,780 square meters will be remodeled and 40 new registration points will be built, which will speed up the passenger screening process. In addition, a two- or three-story parking building, with a capacity for more than 1,000 additional cars.

Activity at the International Airport

On the other hand, CEPA reported that, from January 1 to date, a total of 514,083 outgoing, incoming, connecting, and transshipment travelers have been served at the El Salvador International Airport. They also served 4,886 commercial passenger flights.

Likewise, the autonomous system indicated that the Air Cargo Terminal mobilized between January 1 and February 19 of this year, handling a total of 3,490,457 kilograms of imports and exports.