An ecological park will be built in San Rafael Obrajuelo, La Paz.

The mayor’s office of San Rafael Obrajuelo, in La Paz, will build an ecological park, with which it seeks to improve tourism in the area and boost the local economy.

The authorities in the mayor’s office indicated that currently in this city there is only one basketball court, which for years has been known as the park. This project will be carried out on the north side of the municipal sports center.

“We are going to lay the first stone of what we are going to call the Municipal Ecological Park, since up to now we do not have a real park,” said the mayor’s trustee, Giovani Mejía.

He explained that this project has an innovative, intelligent, and modern design, with which they hope to attract the attention of the inhabitants of the area and neighboring municipalities, as well as national and foreign tourists.

The park will have sports, recreational, and trail areas, among others, all in a natural environment with nature. «The objective always has to do with the issue of revitalizing the local economy, the issue of tourism. We know that all those surrounding lands [where the new park will be] are going to gain a very significant capital gain, there will be more entrepreneurs because this project is going to strengthen them, and more will appear,” Mejía said.

The investment that the mayor’s office will make is more than half a million dollars. “This is expected to be the best ecological park in the department of La Paz, even though it is a very small municipality that for many years was forgotten by previous administrations,” said the trustee.

He added that, with the project executed, the commune will form a tourist route that will include the sports center, the composting plant, and the mills of the municipality.

“We are going to do a beautiful tour, and we are sure that people will love it,” Mejía said.

He commented that, at the moment, there is no start date but that the project could officially begin construction in the coming weeks.

“Thank God and the vision of the new municipal council, led by the mayor Professor Luis Molina, they are paying off and we hope to leave a fairly active municipality,” the trustee concluded.