Unicef supports the CUBO strategy in El Salvador.

In order to expose the work carried out by the government of President Nayib Bukele in favor of Salvadoran youth, the head of the Directorate for the Reconstruction of the Social Fabric, Carlos Marroquín, gave a tour to the representative of the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF), Yvette Blanco, at the Urban Center for Welfare and Opportunities (CUBO) in the Zacamil neighborhood, Mejicanos.

“This commitment to retake spaces to give adolescents, children, and their families the opportunity to retake territories that were uninhabitable due to crime is a strong commitment for the country. How not to feel excited with all the availability and to support this vision of the country? which is and always has been putting boys and girls at the center of what we do, “said Blanco.

The representative was able to learn about the recreational activities that take place in the place, which are aimed at early childhood, as well as learning workshops for children and young people, to promote an environment of healthy coexistence in the sector.

In this sense, Marroquín expressed that “it is satisfactory that UNICEF knows the strategy of the Urban Well-being and Opportunities Centers, where young people have met for different activities. This was needed for our country, to have a breather in this way, and especially for a childhood that has had to suffer violence, which was generated by gangs and the abandonment of the state.

Subsequently, the officials of both institutions mobilized the Antonio Najarro School Center and the CUBO Santa Lucía. The CUBO strategy has been developed as part of the execution of the Territorial Control Plan (PCT), specifically Phase II called Oportunidades.