The Salvadoran Congress reinforced the budget of the Ministry of Tourism.

With 65 votes, the Legislative Assembly approved, in Tuesday’s plenary, incorporating $15.8 million into the 2023 budget of the Tourism Portfolio.

The modification is to add to the funds of the Ministry of Tourism a loan granted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) destined to make investments in this sector, according to the Legislative Body.

In this regard, the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, stressed that this legislative support reinforces the government’s work to position the sector as a dynamizer of the economy.

Only last year, the revitalization of this item left the country $2.6 billion in foreign currency after more than 2.5 million people visited the country.

These returns not only exceeded government projections that estimated the arrivals of 1.9 million people, but also show a clear growth after the stoppage of tourist activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.