El Salvador has the environmental permits for the Aeropuerto del Pacífico.

The president of the institution, Federico Anliker, indicated that the aeronautical technical part and international permits for the establishment of the terminal are being analyzed.

“We are talking with airlines so that they are our clients, and they can operate, and the important thing is that we are walking and going in the right direction,” added the official.

Anliker also reported that the airport, which will be located in the Loma Larga canton, in the municipality of La Unión, will be built in phases.

The official recalled that during the pandemic, pre-feasibility, feasibility, geotechnical, and resettlement studies were carried out.

The Pacific Airport is one of the flagship projects that the Nayib Bukele Administration has promised since the electoral campaign, however, last year a group of landowners from the Condadillo and Flor de Mangle hamlets, La Unión, assured that they did not agree with the construction.

Four months after the social discontent, Anliker assured that some 52 families, who live in the area designated to build the project, are “extremely happy” because they have been given “a much more dignified option” to live.
millions before the first stone.

The foundations of the new property have not yet been laid, but behind the project, million-dollar allocations have already been generated by the government.

In June 2022, the Legislative Assembly approved reforming the 2022 Budget Law to incorporate $12 million into the Public Works and Transportation branch, and execute the first phase of the airport.

To this is added another $6.3 million that the Ministry of Finance requested from the Legislative Branch to allocate the amount to previous construction expenses.

Last April, the government requested laws for the construction of the airport and the Pacific train. Both preliminary projects were delegated to the Ministry of Public Works and CEPA for the execution and acquisition of real estate.

The regulations allow state entities not to apply the Public Administration Contracting and Acquisition Law (LACAP), as well as the power to expropriate land in case of not reaching agreements.

In January, Cristosal lawyers filed unconstitutional claims before the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), considering that these measures favor corruption, and hinder transparency mechanisms and contracting contests.
The data

The Pacific Airport was a campaign promise of the current administration. It is expected to mobilize one million passengers and connect with Bitcoin City.