El Salvador will invest in a terminal to receive private flights in Ilopango.

The president of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), Federico Anliker, attended the Diálogo interview with Ernesto López, from channel 21, where he referred to his institution’s projects for 2023.

Federico Anliker commented on the Ilopango Airport, which he highlighted as an icon of El Salvador, and talked about how the Air Show held over the weekend brought together many families, in addition to highlighting that it is the largest show in Latin America.

“Ilopango Airport is considered a jewel for travelers from neighboring countries because it is located near the capital; unfortunately, ARENA administrations began to neglect it; they even wanted to turn it into a bus terminal,” he reiterated.

On the other hand, the president of CEPA reported that there are a total of 14 airlines with 30 destinations in 14 countries. Similarly, he announced that “investment will be made in the construction of a small terminal for the reception of private flights.”

«In 2022 we had an increase of 37% (in operations). We have an investment this year, we are going to build a small terminal (at the Ilopango airport) where investors are coming to our country on private flights. It is a small terminal but with meeting rooms, living areas, areas for the pilots and that they can have the treatment they deserve », he announced.

The head of CEPA also announced that this Wednesday marks the 1st anniversary of the operation of the new terminal at the El Salvador International Airport, inaugurated by President Nayib Bukele on February 8, 2022.

“A year ago, we inaugurated the $56 million investment to position the El Salvador airport as the most modern and efficient in the region,” he added.

According to the president of CEPA, in the first year of operation of the new terminal, more than 700,000 passengers have been mobilized, between entries, exits, and transfers, in more than 9000 operations.

“It is a terminal that has all the standards and all the security certifications. El Salvador is becoming more attractive, and we are seeing more and more tourists. Our teams have turned to serving the chip, yes, today, as is due to the tourists,” said Federico Anliker, who reiterated that “The Territorial Control Plan is essential for our diaspora to come to the country and feel safe.”