El Salvador strengthened and created new relations with companies at the World Economic Forum.

The Minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, reported on approaches with the Siemens company to implement an innovation center in the country for the acceleration of national industries.

“This is not a forum in which small countries, such as Central America, normally participate, but given the leadership we are having, we were invited, and it has been a great opportunity to make all the projects we are implementing known to the world,” Hayem said.

She noted that the space was conducive to strengthening relationships with companies with which the country already collaborates, such as AES and Microsoft, among others, as well as rapprochement with others interested in the country’s potential for new investments.

In addition to the emergence of new projects, such as the approach with the company Siemens, which already works in the country in automation processes and medical equipment.

“Now we are working on being able to learn from the experiences of Siemens to be able to create an innovation center for the transformation of our sectors. We hope soon to be able to visit an innovation center in Mexico and learn how to transform our industries,” said the minister.

As she explained, these companies showed their receptivity to the holistic vision of the government and the strategies it operates in terms of trade and investment facilitation, talent creation, and environmental sustainability, especially in terms of electricity generation from renewable sources.

She added that these measures are tangible and are reflected in the numbers that the country presents in terms of exports or job creation, among other elements that as a whole promote an improvement in the quality of life of the population.

In this sense, she also highlighted the alliances carried out by the government with the private sector to professionalize the population in response to the demands of the various industries that operate in the country.

“One of the best of the best examples is the work that we are doing with the call center sector that has allowed us, in a pilot project, to place 70% of the young people in training together,” he claimed.

On the other hand, the official stressed that the recent payment of debt due in 2023, which the country will execute without setbacks, is an element that finishes positioning the country and boosts the confidence of international partners.