El Salvador on track to have the lowest homicide rate in the Americas.

Of the eight days that have elapsed in 2023, seven of them haven’t had homicides on a national scale. The last day with zero homicides was reported on January 7.

Following the announcement of the sixth consecutive day without homicides at the national level in January, the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, affirmed that so far in 2023, El Salvador is on track to have the lowest homicide rate in the entire continent, which would allow closing the year beating world powers like Canada.

“So far in 2023, El Salvador already has the lowest homicide rate in Latin America… Now we are on our way to having the lowest rate in the entire continent, surpassing Canada. We continue… War Against Gangs,” the president posted on social media.

The president’s post was shared and commented on by the American bitcoiner Stacy Herbert, who assured that the high levels of security make El Salvador a beacon of human rights.

“Wow! El Salvador marks one more day without homicides, making it the safest country in Latin America so far in 2023. But, at the current rate, El Salvador will soon be safer than Canada. And, therefore, a beacon of human rights, “wrote the bitcoiner.

Herbert went further and analyzed the homicidal statistics data from El Salvador and Canada, predicting that, if the current rate is maintained, our country will surpass the North American nation at the end of 2023.

“If we continue with the trend started by the Territorial Control Plan, El Salvador will end this year with a homicide rate of barely 1.5 per 100,000 inhabitants. Canada, for its part, has a rate of 2.06/100,000. El Salvador is winning where it matters most,” Herbert said.

The bitcoiner also highlighted that the climate of security that exists in El Salvador has transformed the state of mind of the population, contrary to the negative climate that currently invades Canada.

“The most important thing to highlight is that many lives have been saved in El Salvador. The second thing is that the trend is transforming the state of mind: from despair to hope. El Salvador is on the right track. In Canada, the negative trend is creating bad vibes and escaping to El Salvador,” Herbert said.

El Salvador has the lowest homicide rate in Central America.

According to the security authorities, El Salvador closed 2022 with a rate of 7.8 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, the lowest in Central America, and the daily average of deaths due to violence was 1.4.

In Guatemala, the homicide rate is 17.3 per 100,000 inhabitants; this nation has seen the figures rise since 2020, when the rate was 15.2, and in 2021, it rose to 16.4; this is equivalent to a daily average of 12 murders. Honduras closed the year with a homicide rate of 29.32; in that country, 9.64 homicides were registered.