Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador stand out for their English skills in Central America.

Forbes Central America recently shared on its Twitter account an infographic that contains a regional ranking of English language proficiency, with Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador being the most prominent.

The ranking is based on test results from 2.1 million adults in 111 countries and five regions. Worldwide, El Salvador ranks 50 in English language proficiency, according to EF.

In El Salvador, as part of the development of students in the public education system and the reduction of the digital divide, an alliance between the government and Platzi was announced in February 2021, benefiting around 70,000 students. This allowed the continuation of their studies from home and the strengthening of English as a second language.

The authorities announced at that time that the teams have the Microsoft Office suite and that the teams that are delivered in high school have the Platzi platform for learning the English language.