France 24 begins the year by attacking the president of El Salvador for his security policies.

The international news network of the French government defines the emergency regime of El Salvador as an instrument that “has helped to consolidate the power of President Nayib Bukele over almost all political and state spheres in El Salvador and that benefits him politically.” When the results and approval of Salvadorans express security, satisfaction, and sovereignty.

The article in question bears the title: “Bukele and a 2022 between overwhelming popularity and the borders of authoritarianism.” It contains a series of assertions based on statements by the media financed by the political opposition and international stakeholders in stopping the liberation process in El Salvador. One of these sources is El Faro.

It is important to remember that four days after the forces of order implemented a security fence in the populous municipality of Soyapango in search of gang members who are still hiding, even in sewage pipes, one of the voices that have come out in defense of the gangs has been the Salvadoran journalist Juan Martínez d’Abuisson [nephew of the founder of ARENA and author of multiple biased articles full of misinformation], who has affirmed that the control of the state is worse than the control of the gangs.

«Academicly it is a very interesting process. Mafias of gang origin, such as the MS-13 and Barrio 18, have been almost completely displaced by a much more efficient and sophisticated criminal form: the State mafia,” Martínez d’Abuisson published on his Twitter account, after the announcement of the implementation of the security fence in Soyapango.

Despite the attempts to discredit President Bukele and his government, the results and well-being of Salvadorans is undeniable. The National Civil Police explained that a total of 60,452 terrorists have already been captured thanks to the Territorial Control Plan and the emergency regime.

After the implementation of both strategies, by the Government of El Salvador, the country now registers an average of 0.1 homicides per day throughout the national territory, making 2022 the safest year in the history of El Salvador.

The Salvadoran people are the main beneficiaries of this, as they retain the power to democratically decide the country’s course, that is, whether to continue with liberating and successful policies or to regress.